Video Killed Girl Talk’s Star.

“Surely one of the most awesome, flagrant, and work-intensive copyright violations we’ve ever seen.”
– New York Magazine

One of my favorite musical creationists in the universe is Girl Talk (known to friends, family, and rabid fans like me as Gregg Gillis). Suffice to say, I was perplexed to see the below videos when I came across them a few months ago.

Seems that a young whippersnapper from Springfield, MO named Chris Beckman (Boy Talk?) has taken Girl Talk’s newest album, Feed The Animals, and is recreating each song….. with music videos. Video mash-ups if you will. For those more spatially inclined, or that have a constant MTV2 feed into your brain, here is your chance to associate the songs with the music videos that Carson Daly presented to you on a daily basis since you were six years old.

What impresses me most are the clips from older videos. Finding those must be a bitch.

Play Your Part (Pt. 1)

Shut the Club Down

Still Here

What Its All About

Like This

In Step

Currently listening to: Tegan & Sara – Walking With a Ghost


2 responses to “Video Killed Girl Talk’s Star.

  1. You listen to Tegan and Sara? Haha…you remind me of a friend I know. His name is Schmes Schmanderson.

  2. 206forthetwenties


    Only when I take baths.

    The Editor

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