The One Week Anniversary of Labor Day Weekend 2008.

“Wait, Katie! When we first started hanging out together this morning, we were just friends, but things change, and I’ve fallen in love with you. And, I ju-I just know that if you gave me a chance, I could make you feel so good. So, I’m coming to you, not as your buddy, and not as a co-counselor, but for the first time as a man, a man who loves a woman, and who wants to hold her and provide for her, and yes-have sex with her, but no seriously Katie, I-I love the way you laugh and I love the way your hair smells and I-I love it that sometimes for no reason you’re late for shul, and I don’t care that you’re bowlegged and I don’t care that you’re bilingual, all I know is that I would have said no to every single person on your list because I’ve always wanted you.”

– Wet Hot American Summer

Just like your 8th grade summer camp girlfriend liked to do, it’s time to start planning the celebration for a 1 week anniversary. This celebration acquires cause from Labor Day weekend, a blissful period of pomp and circumstance that marks the middle of summer in Seattle. Thankfully, there are a bunch of events that should make Office Outlook calendar scheduling a breeze.

Mariners vs. Yankees

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mark the exciting time of year when all of the closet New York Yankee fans come out in full costume and yell obnoxiously at Safeco Field, seemingly cheering on their beloved team while in reality offending every person in attendance that has a young child, a relative with Alzheimer’s, or an IQ above 85.

Here is a wonderful article about ARod and his recent successes in the Big Apple.

alex i think people might know about you and joslyn noel morse....

alex, i think people might know about you and joslyn noel morse....

Washington Huskies vs. BYU *cough* Cougars

It’s the first home game of the year, which means the first Husky tailgate of the year. Also, it means the first win of the year.

To get you ready for this event, which ranks 3rd behind Seafair and Christmas, below is an amusing expose that did on Washington tailgating last year.

Another tailgate refresher with Jim Caple’s article on the same subject can be found here.

The most peculiar tailgating item I came across: a UW logo steak branding iron.

good for steaks. great for butts.

good for steaks. great for butts.

Also, BYU has been named the Most Religious School in the nation by the Princeton Review in its 2009 edition of Best 368 Colleges. Get ready to throw that Diet Coke.

PS. I have that Locker Stalker t-shirt. And it’s for sale. Inquire within.

Ratatat at Showbox Market

Friday. Sold out at the box office. Get your tickets on the secondary market. No need to explain anything else here. Just watch.

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