The Last Thing I Will Point Out About Justin Roper.

So I’ve shown you the first 60% of Mr. Roper’s Facebook page thus far (see here if you missed it). It’s so filled with useless shit that my screen cap software couldn’t capture the whole thing. I’ve had many people email me wondering what exactly that useless shit is. Well, I now give you this window into the (wo)man that is Justin Roper.

Everyone has questionable character traits, myself included. However, look at the graphic below…. it might let you in on a little secret about the newly anointed oregon (deliberately lowercase) quarterback. Looks like Mr. Roper just might like a good old cockmeat sandwich from time to time.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

we all know he likes boyz II men.  i think he also might like coldplay.  click on the image to enlarge, then click on it again to magnify.

we all know he likes boyz II men. in addition to the music group, i now mean that literally as well. click on the image to enlarge.

Currently listening to: Weezer – The Greatest Man That Ever Lived


9 responses to “The Last Thing I Will Point Out About Justin Roper.

  1. Gay dude just threw up 14 on your team’s ass. Hmmm???

  2. Looks like the 541 is about the smoke your silly 206 ass. Keep on bloggin son.

  3. 206forthetwenties

    Dear Hmmmm…,

    Yes, he did. And then he got a concussion from a routine tackle.

    The Editor

  4. 206forthetwenties

    Dear Smoke,

    I see what you did there with the area code thing. Very shifty. Whereas I am from the 206 area code and Eugene is located in the 541 area code, you decided to use your area code numericals to designate your geographical allegiance and then use it as the foundation for a derogatory comment towards my general area of residence.

    Also, congratulations on posting blog comments at 10:11pm on a Saturday during the middle of a football game. You’re a fucking winner.

    The Editor

    PS. Thanks for thinking I’m silly!

    PPS. I will adhere to your wishes and keep on blogging.

  5. OKay seriously, what do you have against Roper? He possible is one of the greatest guys ever! You can’t trash someone off of something you got off facebook! its ridiculous. Kind of like your blog. Weird huh?

  6. 206forthetwenties

    Dear Jen,

    I just did.


    PS. Of course my blog is ridiculous. That is the point.

  7. So are you in love with him or just jealous. He is an amazing young man. ……. and……does not want the sandwich you are offering!

  8. 206forthetwenties


    after much thought, i think i really am in love with him.

    what about you? are you still in love with him now that he’s at montana? are you going to change your name to grizzlylovin? or do you not care about him anymore because he’s no longer a duck?

    feel free to answer honestly. it’s an open forum.

    the editor

  9. Actually i support the endeavors of this boy now more then ever. His choice to move to montana was strictly business. Kelly needed a QB who worked with a running offense.. unfortunately not the fit for him. im still lovin my ducks more then ever with their pac ten championships.. but love those grizz who also made it to chatanooga with roper

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