Justin Roper Accepted My Friend Request.

What an idiot. I don’t know why any starting quarterback from another school would accept a social networking invitation from a student, alumnus, or anyone even remotely associated with the school he is playing that week. I hope he pays as much attention to his playbook as he does to Facebook (I know, it’s easy to get them mixed up).

Anyways, here is the first 60% of his profile. He has too many fucking quizzes and applications and “how ________ are you?” boxes for my screen cap software to grab the whole thing. And I have it set on Scrolling Web Page. Wow.

Click on the image below, and then click on it again in the new window to get a full screen view.

he has some conflicting ideologies.

he has some conflicting ideologies. click for a full page view.

obviously, white = tight.

obviously, white = tight.

LL Cool J. Ladies Love Cool Justin.

LL Cool J. Ladies Love Cool Justin.

i'm not even sure what you call this kind of sexual preference, however i'm pretty sure i saw it on real sex 18.

i'm not even sure what you call this kind of sexual preference, but i'm pretty sure i saw it on real sex 18.

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12 responses to “Justin Roper Accepted My Friend Request.

  1. Wow buddy, you are the real loser.

    Starting NCAA QB > Lameass Blogger who spends his time trying to get people he doesn’t know to accept his facebook friend requests so he can rip on them.

    Get a life, dude.

  2. 206forthetwenties


    Thanks for the comment – I love interacting with my readers.

    By the way, that’s a really cute pink icon you selected for your comment. I would have picked black or red or the Space Needle (as you can see), but to each his own.

    I also appreciate the respect shown by the capitalization of “Lameass Blogger.” I would have left it lowercase myself.

    Oh, and I must give kudos to the fact that your email address is “eatshitloser@gmail.com.” That takes some balls man. Do you get nervous when you have to enter your contact info anywhere? What about when your grandma asks for your email address? I really hope that it’s real because I’d love to Google Talk with someone named “eatshitloser.”

    Lastly, I’m the loser? You’re the one posting comments on blogs at 11:30 in the morning on a motherfucking Wednesday.

    The Editor

    PS. I almost forgot Mike. I know that you work at Boeing. Cheers!

  3. What is this? You watch what I do against Washington.

  4. 206forthetwenties

    Hi Justin,

    You have finally arrived!

    First, it’s very endearing that you’d pick a purple icon for your comment – particularly during this week. I’d have figured you’d go with green or yellow, or even a combo of both, but alas, purple is a fine act of sportsmanship.

    Second, it’s really a great honor to have you here. It’s not everyday that starting NCAA quarterbacks are reading and commenting on internet blogs instead of studying, working out, practicing, or watching game film, especially two days before the first game of the season. You also took the time to seek out articles about yourself – candor is so refreshing! Whoever said “Vanity keeps persons in favor with themselves who are out of favor with all others” is full of crap!

    Good luck this week, and hope to see you soon!

    The Editor

    PS. One more thing. How come you’re posting from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine? Did you recently transfer? Or are you learning ancient techniques for washing your jersey after I bukkake on your chest?

    PPS. Oh wait. It isn’t really you.

  5. You are such a retard! HAHA! So what does that make for you now? About 2 friends total? Think maybe he felt sorry for you? honestly, do you even go to UW? what is your facebook info? I really want to be your friend. I think retards are great. And the fact that you are able to use a computer is inspiring.

    By the way… UWsuxKACK!! hahaha! Have fun at the PENIS BOWL!! LOSER!

  6. As a life-long Duck fan and proud Oregon Democrat, it is going to be really hard to cheer for this redneck republican who will probably vote for McShame if he isn’t too busy listening to BoyzIIMen while recovering from the broken bones he gets the first game trying to run the spread option with the body of a 2-guard. 🙂

  7. OK, I updated my e-mail address for you, Editor, since you obviously don’t publish it… Thanks for the humor today!

  8. 206forthetwenties


    Glad to provide you a laugh. I would also be ashamed with a quarterback of this makeup, be it my team or anyone else’s.

    Maybe Justin can hang out with Casey Paus after the game. They would make a cute couple.

    The Editor

  9. 206forthetwenties

    Dear UWsuxKACK,

    I’m not really sure where to begin with you. I guess I will just start answering/responding to your list of questions/comments:

    1. Yes, I am kind of a retard. That’s why I am writing a blog.

    2. Yes, that would make it 2 friends, unless you count the dyslexic speedreading midget named Saul who visits me on Tuesdays. Then it would be more like 2.73.

    3. No, I am not currently enrolled at UW.

    4. If you’d actually leave legitimate contact info instead of “tom@uw.com” for an email or “www.uwsuxkack.com” for a URL I would send my Facebook info to you. I enjoy meeting new people.

    5. I think retards are great too. Have you seen Tropic Thunder?

    6. Glad I could inspire you with my computer abilities. If I can inspire one child in this world my job is done. That is why I’m considering teaching in my old age.

    7. You are very repetitive in your use of “UWsuxKACK.”

    8. I do not think the “PENIS BOWL” is a real bowl game, but if it is I thank you for your confidence in UW’s ability to actually get into a bowl game this year.

    9. Mike already called me a loser. Please give that credit to him.

    Now I would like to ask you a couple of questions:

    1. You actually took the time to go through my blog and post “you are gay. admit it.” on nine (9) separate articles …. and I am the loser?

    2. What is your real contact info? I’d like to chat with you (like I said above, I enjoy meeting new people), and I do not publish anyone’s personal information on here. Example: Dan B, above.

    3. How long have you lived at 989 SW Vincent Place, Portland, OR 97239?

    4. Whoops, I guess I lied in #2.

    The Editor

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  11. Here’s hoping Justin Roper still gets email updates from this blog. How did playing qb at Whoregon work out for you? Have fun in…Montana.

  12. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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