One of My Favorite Soliloquies.

I dont understand people who just completely dont understand how anything in society works. I am not referring to people who dont understand specific complicated things, like car engines, or computers. I mean when my airplane ticket says 14E, I go to seat 14E. This is because that is what my ticket says. Forty percent of the time, there is someone in my seat. I dont know how to say anything to them about this because there is no way to say it and make them not feel stupid. “Umm hi. Ummm I was just looking at my ticket and you are maybe umm, I dont know, not in the right seat at all?” It just looks sarcastic. But there is no better way to say it! What the hell do you say? “Hi! I am doing a survey of people who are in the wrong seat and dont know it. You start.” There is nothing to say. What really blows me away is if I do point that out, and they dont go way out of their way to show me that they didnt realize it and made a huge mistake! If that were me, I would have said “Ohh my god! I am so sorry, I just havent slept in 12 days, and I dont know how to read and then, I was assigned to this seat, because I am a blind man.” But usually , they dont apologize and just get up, and go to their seat which is not at all 14E. It will be 36W on a totally different flight or a bus or something. But in their head, they were content and thought, “Well, I dont know my seat so I will just take someone elses and if they mention it, I will be inconvenienced and really angry.”

Kyle Cease

On another note, I found out that the leading food for Siberian Huskies is Natural Balance Duck and Potato Formula. Go figure. Learn about it here.

i dont know about you, but it makes sense to me.

i dont know about you, but it makes sense to me.

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