Commercial vs. Commercial.

Just like the Oscars miss the good movies every year, not much can be said for the Clios. That being said, let’s take 60 seconds to revisit two of the more striking spots from the past year.

Which commercial is better? Leave your vote in the comments section. I’ll randomly select one respondent and give him/her a free trip to Vegas!*

Starburst – Little Lad

Amp’d Mobile – Busted

Also, Justin Roper still has not accepted my friend request. I think he is playing hard to get, and boy, I am going to go at him hard (TWSS). However, I did send him an invitation to “The Pants Party.” I hope he plans on attending. I would be saddened by a decline.

Currently listening to: The Outfield – Your Love

* Sike! But I’ll get you a Jamba Juice if you really want one.


One response to “Commercial vs. Commercial.

  1. I’ve got to go with Berries and Cream. If not for the commercial…for the follow up dance video:

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