A Monday Grab Bag to Start the Week off Right.

Here are some random bits of information to get your brain greased and ready to function for the next 5 days. Oh, and if you haven’t heard, or somehow have no knowledge of the Gregorian calendar, Labor Day Weekend starts as soon as you get your little tushy out of the office on Friday.

Article 1: How to Survive a Freestyle Rap Battle

Just in case your Labor Day plans include a trip to Bumbershoot, Bed Stuy, or 8 Mile, use this handy guide to help you craft and hone your freestyle rap skillz. Includes an 8-step program for development of abilities and a myriad of tips. A couple of excerpts below:

  • Step 6. Once you get freestyling down, try freestyling battle rhymes. Take a picture of someone, look at your dog do what ever you can to picture an opponent you are about to rap against and try and come up with clever ways to insult the opponent with rap lyrics.
  • Tip: Ordering of the spit is also important to some degree. While you are trying to rebut someone dissing you when you reply back, but when you spit first, you want to take that away. You can do that by self-deprecation. Anyone who can self-criticize can be very unexpected for the opponent trying to find flaws. Take 8 Mile’s Final Battle for example, since B-Rabbit was put to spit first, he insulted himself and basically said a big ‘so what?’. “Yes, I’m white, I’m a bum, I live in a trailer, my mum’s a drug addict…”, [206 EDITOR’S NOTE – the actual line is: I am white, I am a fucking bum, I do live in a trailer with my mom.] thus basically taking every possible insult directed at him away from Papa Doc before Papa has anything to fight back. Then B-Rabbit dissed Papa Doc for being a private-schooler, then he closed out his turn by saying this battle is pointless, “Here, tell people something they don’t know about me”.
  • Read the full article here.
  • For B Rabbit’s (Eminem) freestyle in the final battle against Papa Doc at The Shelter, click here.

Article 2: Bumbershoot

  • Lineup here.
  • If you do anything, see Bedouin Soundclash, Dan Deacon, The Saturday Knights, and PWRFUL Power. Trust me.
  • Some dude named Beck is supposed to be good too.

Article 3: Husky Football. Saturday, 7pm.

  • To do this week: Execute annual Husky jersey wash, prepare for tailgate #1, prepare for win #1, prepare for Oregon slander session #94365671234.
  • Also to do: Send friend request or non-degrading, sportsmanlike message to Justin Roper via Facebook. Example: “Hey Justin. Good luck this weekend against UW. By the way, when your girlfriend was an intern at Nike last summer she offered to blow me. True story.”
boy i hope he hits confirm. confirm confirm confirm confirm.

boy i hope he hits confirm. confirm confirm confirm confirm.

i'm just sayin.

i don't really get how you put ginger on sushi and also in cookies?

my little brother (age 6) drew this in his summer camp art class.

my nephew (age 6) drew this in his summer camp computer class.

Currently listening to: Crystal Castles – Air War


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