University of Washington #19 on Hottest Student Body List

PopCrunch, the extremely credible celebrity tabloid, recently ranked UW as #19 on it’s Top 50 List of Universities with the hottest student bodies. Their rationale: “The Huskies feature lots of hot back to nature type of girls who are attending the school because of the beautiful natural setting. Mt. Rainier is visible from campus, and the school sits at the edge of the Union and Portage Bays.” Fucking #19? Really? REALLY? Whoever did this list must have written it while blacked out in the middle of spring quarter because I’m not quite sure how we could pull that off. I’m just sayin.

Good news: We are listed ahead of perennial powerhouse Arizona (#21) and the community college in Pullman (#41).

Bad news: Somehow, Oregon decided to blow someone at PopCrunch and is listed at #11. I am not quite sure how this happened, but I have an email into God demanding to know what in his sacred name led this list so far askew. Anyone who has seen the Playboy Girls of the Pac-10 issues knows that Oregon girls always look like red-headed stepchildren fresh from a belt whipping.

More UW pics are shown here. I find this extremely funny as I know a bunch of the people in the images. You probably do too.

mary ann from gilligan's island went to UW!!!!!

mary ann from gilligan's island went to UW!!!!

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One response to “University of Washington #19 on Hottest Student Body List

  1. You’re right about 19 being a high ranking. They have Cal Berkely even higher than UW. C’mon now, have you ever been to Berkeley? Their rationale is that hot Paul Vaulter babe, and I promise she is the only hot piece on that campus.

    Fuck the Ducks!

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