Welcome to 206 for the Twenties.

206 for the Twenties is born.

What is it? A blog about life in Seattle as a twentysomething (in context). Really though, it should transcend geographical boundaries and act as a window into what drives/perplexes/inspires us during this period in our lives.

Why? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for 457 days, and finally got down to it on my perpetual to-do list. Writing is fun.

Do you like to make lists? Usually not.

Why not? Lists, while being helpful organizational tools that create structure, often cause equal amounts of chaos.

What will you blog about? Pretty much anything that comes to mind. Friends. Family. Music. Sports. The city. Technology. The world. Finance. Clothes. People. Photography. Art. Travel. Candy. The Huskies. Plastic guitar. Work. Not work. Current events. Why Francis the Driver from “Superbad” is the best character in the movie. The 1995 Mariners. The meaning of now. Drinking. Smoking. Straight west coasting. It pretty much boils down to People/Places/Things and whatever soliloquies come to mind.

How often will you update your blog? Regularly. EDIT: Fuck that. Frequently. This is going to be a streaming pile of content.

Who are you? Let’s do this old school, AOL-chat room style:

A/S/L/E/W/FS/FC/AM/FM: 20-29/M/Seattle/NoAnswer/ThoughtLeadership/SnozzleBall/SourPatchKids/UW/ LotsOfBitsOfEverything

Do you have a job? Right now I’m kind of a floater. Feel free to send me money via cashier’s check, Paypal, or good ol’ cash.

What are you listening to right now? The National – Gospel

Good luck.


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